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January 08, 2009


Keven Piper

Sometimes I get the impression that the city is holding up this staggering future investment figures so that they can ignore maintenance of the current marina and club properties. By not doing the required day to day maintenance that the city is responsible for, the waterfront stakeholder organizations will crumble like the shoreline and then the city won't have to deal with them anymore.

Mac Sparrow

Thank you for expressing some realistic and doable options for council to consider. Spending 81.5 million (which will most likely end up over 100,000 million in the end) and basically wiping out what we have today is a major mistake. What we have today is quite functional, needs some improvements, but not 81 million dollars worth.

Roger Abbiss

As a big believer in direct democracy, I submit that we should demand a local referendum on this issue. With today's technology, it needn't be costly nor particularly difficult. If the politicians can't sell the public on this proposal, then it should die.

Based on the outrage I sense (I am very perceptive) in this discourse, I doubt it would stand a chance.

If we need/want to spend this kind of money, shouldn't we be choosing amongst a number of interesting and exciting options?

Robin Brewer

I have to wonder what improvements could have already been made if we didn't pay lots of money to consultants every ten years, to give us improvement plans for a city they don't live in, appreciate, or understand. Why is it so bad to just be Hamilton?

David Cowan

I think we should leave the waterfront just the way it is(it is great) and face up to the challenge that has been talked about endlessly since I moved to Hamilton in 1987. That is, save the downtown core. It is an embarassment.

Don Bingley

Is anything wrong with the concept of "If it ain't broke don"t fix it?".

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