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January 07, 2009


Trevor Pettit

Not too many people outside of the north end would care about this project. Just like they don't care about much outside their own communities. This is why scandalous projects like Lister Block, City Hall etc. are allowed to happen without a lot of fanfare. Anybody who really believes the renovation of the Lister Block or this project will have any measurable impact on downtown is living in Dreamsville. The community apathy in Hamilton is going to lead us to total ruin if we don't wake up, change the way we are governed (quickly) and develop a progressive plan to prosperity and
with a great degree of urgency. The opportunities in Green and Renewable Energy are limitless but we're more concerned with the West Harbour? We should be marketing and marketing hard to bring these types of business to the Wellington to Parkdale corridor and not now but right now. Make Hamilton the Waste Capital of Ontario and be proud of it.New Age Industrial Architecture and a Clean Green Image for the City of Hamilton. Thousands of jobs created and much needed tax revenues. The time is now!!

kim Worobel

Why don't they take the 81.5 million and lower the very high property taxes here in Winona (where I live) so I can go out and spend my savings to help build the economy!!!

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