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January 05, 2009


Christopher Carroll

There is no doubt that Hamilton, given its financial constraints and pressing list of other priority needs, can ill afford to dump that kind of money into a waterfront that already functions well. The latest economic downturn underscores the need to rethink priorities and dictates that one doesn't spend what one doesn't have. What does it say about our thinking when we choose to spend on flair projects while ignoring basic infrastructure and citizen needs? Aren't we in this mess precisely because our forebearers did this? "Put it off for another day" thinking is killing us. Let Hamilton build from the bottom up. Once we're flush with cash, and all other important needs have been met, we can splurge on the frills.

Gay J Miller

I agree wholeheartedly. Apparently we need to staff up the city with people who are looking forward and not behind. The only thing I would add is that some of that money could be spend to help small businesses succeed and to upgrade the downtown core. Just look around at all of the government owned buildings downtown that are boarded up - in plan view as someone who MIGHT invest in Hamilton or move their business in drives past them!
It would be shameful to spend 81.5 on a lovely waterfront when we need all of these things taken care of now.

Sydney Hamber

I think development of the West Harbour is an excellent idea.Right now it is a mixture of everything without any real direction. Residential, commercial, industrial.WELL planned residential & commercial development would bring it all together

However for the City to undertake this task is a really bad idea.
Land development is for developers and what the City must do is set it up so that developers can come in with a minimum of grief and aggravation to undertake the process. Let them raise the money and make the profits. The development will get done, Development Charges will pay for the infrastructure and everybody will be happy.

The City spending development money on the creation of permanent jobs makes far more sense for the future of this City than building high rise condos on the water.Bringing the airport lands in to the urban boundry will attract the types of jobs we need and the ones that will be generated in the future.

Heavy/medium/light industry is and always has been the foundation of private sector jobs in this City. Other than the odd pocket it can remain alive and well where it is along the Burlington Street corridor from Wellington Street to the east and on in to Stoney Creek.

Ryan Cuthbert

My wife and I are relatively new residents in Hamilton. We were struck with attractive real estate values and with some patience, the potential for revitalization of a fantastic downtown core (unique to communities located near Toronto).

This $81.5m harbourfront idea seems absurd. If the money is available (judging by our ridiculous property taxes I must assume the funds are available), I respectfully submit they get serious about scrubbing, polishing and revitalizing the core. How can it be that the Connaught still sits idle? Why not start with determining the costs of refurbishing such a historic facility and look to lease it out to a major Hotel operator or something along those lines. I'd much rather see government largesse applied to an area where business owners and operators may consider locating their businesses. It is a blight on our community to allow such a famous, beautiful and important building to sit and rot.

Trevor Pettit

Take about $5 million and get the best sales and marketing people out on the road, starting tomorrow, with the mission of bringing clean, green technology companies to Hamilton. A massive entourage of the best in the business to bring solar, wind and thermal to Hamilton. The opportunities are boundless.Plans like this are the bureaucracy rum amok, especially in these troubled economic times.
We need jobs and investment, not expenditures on dubious projects that the majority of the population will have no interest in.

Margaret McCarthy, Councilllor, Ward 15, Hamilton

In my view, the Waterfront Master plan should not have been approved by Council and I voted to reject it. After going through all the budget books before and after amalgamation I have a concern that this large financial expenditure had not been provided for and should not be approved.

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